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Indoor Garden Electrical

Full indoor gardening is a growing market which provides many benefits to its customer base. As a result an increasing number of developers and home owners are interested in the benefits of indoor gardening. The aesthetic appeal of living and edible walls and vertical gardening means an increase in the demand for professional services which will consult, design, installation, and to maintain the indoor gardens.

Though living walls, vertical gardens, and hydroponic technology interests many, there are still some who aren’t yet sold on the concept’s sustainability or true usefulness. This is why professional full service indoor gardening companies are an important component of the integrated vegetation industries and urban agriculture. These full service indoor gardening companies can provide a full range of gardening options, but they are also important educators in advancing our understanding of indoor gardening capabilities.

Here are some of the areas in which full service indoor gardening companies can support a business or homeowner’s needs when it comes to improving our built environment.

garden electrical design
We can help you design your indoor garden to produce maximum yields for the amount of space you have to work with.


Grow lights

The advancement of LED lighting technology has brought with it a bunch of other important benefits. The field of plant growth research has been able to advance substantially due to the advantages that LED lights offer through full spectrum lighting. Plant science and LED lighting technology work together to discover the most important aspects of plant growth which provides the best solutions for greenhouse and controlled environment growers.

In controlled growing environments, LED lighting technology is ideal because its effects are able to be customized and closely monitored which not only grows healthier plants and maximizes yields, but it also improves operating costs through energy savings. LED lighting technology can also be adjusted to meet the spectrum needs of specific plants. This further increases output and delivers the best possible plant yields at a far more efficient level.

In commercial facilities, LED’s can be used as the primary light source, or they can act as additional light if the facility is conducive to sunlight exposure as in greenhouses, or glass vertical farms. In controlled environments, LED’s don’t require reflectors like some other forms of lighting, which means that by nature, LED’s are directing their output light onto the plant itself. Additionally, LED’s produce a lot less radiant heat and therefore can be placed closer to the plant. This type of precision only further adds to the efficiency and sustainability of the grow environment.

LED’s are starting to become a leading lighting source choice for vertical farming operations, as controlled environment agriculture becomes more popular. Because the science and research behind LED’s is now more widely accepted and known, this form of lighting is now further in demand which makes them more viable in consumer markets.

As more research and communication regarding the specifics of plant growth become more available through awareness, so too will the innovation and technology drive behind horticultural lighting. Like with any new product, it took early adopters to be the risk-takers and test out new forms of grow lighting. This has in large part determined LED lighting technology’s viability today.

As further research unfolds regarding plant science and the different needs of diverse vegetation types, the technology will advance along with it which indicates a positive future for efficient and safe food production.

If you are old school and would prefer HID Lighting we can accommodate to your needs

Types of HID Lighting for Indoor Gardening

There are two types of HID lights used in indoor gardening: high-pressure sodium and metal halide. They each have their own sets of benefits when applied in indoor gardening.

Metal halide lighting emits a wider light spectrum. This includes more blue and violet light rays. Generally this is for a vegetative state of the growth cycle. If you’re growing foliage-producing plants then the spectrum emitted by metal halide is adequate.

High-pressure sodium lighting emits red and orange spectrum lighting. This spectrum of lighting is used during the flowering or blooming stage of a plant’s growth cycle. High-pressure sodium bulbs are also believed to be more energy efficient and longer-lasting in comparison to metal halide.

In many indoor garden operations that produce fruits, vegetables and flowers, a combination of metal halide and high-pressure sodium bulbs are used. This combination provides a well-rounded level of both red and blue spectrum lighting, and will generally produce healthier plants.



Water is the key to life, and plants need it as much as we do. If they aren’t getting the right amount of moisture when they need it most, you’ll end up with a deprived garden.

When Mother Nature doesn’t deliver, your garden doesn’t have to suffer. For an easy efficient indoor garden, We can easily setup water and nutrient pumping systems.

What do indoor growers need from their pumps? Performance and reliability! We’ve researched the field to bring you the most dependable, efficient equipment available for sale. From Dual Diaphragm air pump, specifically designed for the rigorous use of hydroponic gardening, to submersible water pumps, these little performers provide consistent pressure feeds and quiet operation. For optimum effectiveness, use with one of our programmable timers.


Ventilation fans

Proper grow room ventilation is a must for indoor gardens of any size. Why?

  • Refreshes stale air, brings in needed carbon dioxide

  • Regulates heat and humidity

  • Controls dust and mold

  • Reduces odors

Make sure the air circulation around your crop is adequate by choosing the proper equipment; inline fans, blowers, air ducting and connectors, thermostats and the necessary hardware to keep your plants cool and happy at all times.

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