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At Roberts Electrical we encourage community involvement and we give back to local kids. We believe building relationships within our community is the best way to make a genuine connection with our customers.  Below are a few of the organizations that Roberts Electrical is proud to sponsor.

Hutch Ski/Snowboarding Academy. Our friends Claudia and Tom Hutchinson offer amazing personalized and group training plans such as on and off snow training, strength training, balance training, quick decision making training, just to name a few. They also host many different events/camps throughout the year.

Hutch Academy was started by Tom Hutchinson (3x Canadian Olympic freestyle

coach) and his wife Claudia (level 200 USASA/USSA coach)

We are in the business of building not just quality athletes but quality people. Our

company’s values are: passion, respect, hard work, dedication and fun. Skier or

Rider, join us and be a part of our freestyle snowboarding/skiing and boarder/ski

cross team. Let’s have fun while learning in a safe environment. Set new goals and

go a step further. We help you on your way to your success.

We want to give all of you the best tools to guide your children to reach their goals.

We would like to show them what it takes to become an athlete, a good person and to

reach their dreams.

Our common core values that we have learned and passed on to our athletes are, love

the process, respect, kindness, hard work, passion, self confidents, importance of

planning, proper progressions, having fun, safety, teamwork, preperation, how to

train, how to compete, sportsmanship, no excuses.

Our training runs 7 days a week

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Walden Minor Hockey Association. The good old hockey game, Walden Minor Hockey Association providing opportunities for all players to play the sport at levels appropriate to their degree of skill or interest through the development of HL and REP hockey without favor of one category over another or others. To develop and administer the sport of hockey in a manner that will encourage mass participation, improve skill levels, provide healthy physical activity and enjoyment of the game and promote the building of good character.

Sudbury Minor Baseball Association. Founded in 1966, Sudbury Minor Baseball Association is a not-for-profit organization driven by a 15 member volunteer board of directors. The organization strives to provide its players with a fun, active experience through the sport of baseball.


Greater Sudbury Basketball Association

– To increase participation in youth sports and recreation programs in the Greater Sudbury Area.

– To increase youth access to basketball in a safe and inclusive environment.

– To provide opportunities for youth to play basketball in our local community with other local basketball leagues and clubs.


Helping out at Christmas time

Roberts Electrical is proud to be helping out 12 Families in need this Year. We asked customers and community members to nominate families that are down on their luck and that could use a little help. We are proud to announce that we have provided Christmas turkey dinners with all the fixings to 12 families in and around the City of Sudbury. Next year we hope to be able to double our efforts! Thank you for the nominations!


Proudly Sponsoring: