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Warranty and Disclaimer

Roberts Electrical offers a 1 year warranty on most work and most supplied materials. Some exceptions apply
Roberts Electrical will not be held liable and will not pay for the following items

1- Hard wired smoke detectors
The Smoke detectors that are required by code have a high failure rate. If your smoke detector fails prematurely the manufacturer will provide you with a replacement. Removal and reinstallation is not covered under warranty.

2- Power off damage
when you hire Roberts Electrical we may need to turn the power off to your home or building. When we complete our work we strive to ensure that everything is turned on and functioning. It is invasive and not always practical to check an entire building to ensure everything is powered up. It is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to confirm that all critical systems are functioning as required. Roberts Electrical is not responsible and WILL NOT PAY for any lost freezers full of meat, missed appointments because the alarm clock was off, dead fish because the fish tank was off, or any similar claims. We recommend that you ensure your critical circuits are operating as expected. If you would like to hire our electricians to check every device in the building for power we would be happy to do that for you.

3- Power interruption damage
when the power is shut off and later turned back on usually everything in the home or office turns back on without any problems. Occasionally there may be one or more devices in that will not power back up when power is restored. We have seen this with appliances, furnaces, garage door openers, televisions and other devices that contain electronics. This is something that can happen when the power goes out, when the utility turns off the power or when an electrician turns a breaker on and off. It is rare but does happen several times each year. Roberts Electrical is not responsible for any damage caused by the power being turned on and off.

4- Travel costs
Although Roberts Electrical serves clients cross Canada, the majority of our daily operations are within the city of Sudbury and many of the towns that surround the city. If you are located outside of Sudbury we may charge travel costs for estimates as well as to go out and do the work. If we need to make a return trip for warranty although the work may be covered under warranty we may charge additional travel costs.

5- Other exceptions may apply