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Electric Aviation, Uav, Drone

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Electric Aviation, Uav, Drone

The future of short range flight is electric.  Roberts Electrical is Sudbury’s Electric aircraft and heavy lift UAV specialists.  We offer consulting services and with our fully equipped composite shop we can help you design and produce efficient composite autonomous electric aircraft.  Our team has helped develop and successfully completed multiple electric aircraft prototype projects including heavy lift multi rotors,  VTOL configurations and large UAV’s capable of takeoff and landing on water.  If you need help with electric aircraft, large UAV’s or large heavy lift drones in Sudbury Ontario contact us today!

A link to an early stage VTOL tilt rotor prototype from early 2019  https://electricairspace.com/

A link to a large composite uav capable of takeoff and landing on water from late 2021 https://robertselectrical.com.