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Roberts Electrical is focused on staying on top of the rapidly evolving electrical market conditions in Greater Sudbury and beyond.  As of May 2022 obtaining certain common electrical products in Sudbury is continuing to be difficult.  Generac generators and transfer switches are backordered for 6 months and all brands off 200A load centers are almost non existent.  All of the electrical suppliers in Sudbury continue to be affected by ongoing shortages of wire, devices, boxes, smoke detectors, circuit breakers pvc conduit and other important day to day materials.  Sudbury electricians are going to have another challenging 3rd and 4th quarter.


Material costs in Sudbury are through the roof!  Most copper wire is now twice the price it was 2 years ago.  Steel pipe and fittings have gone up 250% and PVC is up almost 200%.  Loadcenters and many breakers are up over 100% .  Electrical contractors in Sudbury are paying a lot more for materials this year.  There is some good news! The generators that we ordered for stock are starting to trickle in to Sudbury and we currently have some available for immediate purchase.  We are receiving a large quantity of transfer switches over the next few months.  We have secured enough load centers to meet our commitments for the next few months and we have a purchaser constantly scouring every store in Sudbury for more.


Beware of low bids! consider the whole picture when comparing quotes from electricians in Sudbury.  Todays cost to hire an electrical contractor in Sudbury to complete your project is going to cost you more than it would last year.  Due to the material shortages and skyrocketing costs many local contractors are having a hard time keeping promises.  Some are not able to find the materials in Sudbury to complete the jobs on time, others are asking for more money before a job is completed.  Roberts Electrical is staying on top of the volatility and we are pricing accordingly to ensure that you have a drama free installation.

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