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Residential Generators

Don't be caught in the dark this winter.  Get a backup generator. Our home stand-by units are completely automatic. When the power goes out the generator will start automatically, powering up what you need in your home. Once the power comes back on the generator will automatically turn itself off.  Roberts Electrical is your local authorised Generac dealer.  We also offer Generlink portable generator solutions and surge supression for added protection.  Call us today!

Minimum 1 year waranty on all work

Roberts Electrical is Sudbury's Authorized Generac Dealer!

Commercial Generators

Lost power means lost revenue and in some cases it can mean irreparable damage to your brand's reputation.  Roberts Electrical can help you choose the path that works best for you in getting the standby power you need.   No matter your business needs we can help protect from the damage of power outages with a turnkey solution.  Contact us today!

commercial generator

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